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Responsible gambling complaints - Gamdom Smein Hosting NV

4 måneder siden af Select2006at
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4 måneder siden

I want to create this forum thread to support players who encounter problems with the casino.

Currently there are many cases of players with health problems being allowed to play without any limitations.

We believe that this casino has the technology to impose controls to protect players and it does not do so.

You can give your opinion and tell us your experiences.

The aim is to create fairer conditions and to review the most relevant complaints in order to document the experiences and expose them to the public.

4 måneder siden

Hello, this is indeed a serious matter. Can you perhaps back up your post with concrete situations?

Or do you personally need help?

If I may guess, I would say it is associated with your complaint 👈

Care to add something? Feel free to do so, please.

4 måneder siden

Hej Radka. I øjeblikket, hvis jeg ikke tager fejl, har Gamdom 4 åbne klager på casinoguru.

Alle 4 er relateret til ansvarlige RG-spil.

Denne tråd er permanent, så vi alle kan forklare vores oplevelse. Også til en dokumentar, jeg laver, som vil blive lagt på YouTube.

Når mit krav er lukket, vil jeg kommentere på mit. Tak skal du have.

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4 måneder siden


Well, sure thing.

Just to add a little guidance, I would advise you to save printscreens of all attempted account closures for future reference. 🙏

Have a good one. stay strong!

4 måneder siden


I'm sorry to say that, but the point is that no one has ever been able to prove the casino has done anything unfair. Without such proof, we can't punish the casino.


When it comes to your case, it is open; hence, no resume so far. As you may see, we do not guess the outcome; instead, we calculate possible black points based on real and proven closure explanations:

"What will be the consequences of your complaint?"

Let's start by stating that not all complaints are justified. Therefore, if the circumstances and evidence show that the casino has not done anything that we consider to be unfair, the complaint will be closed and categorized as being 'rejected'. The same happens if you stop communicating with us after submitting your complaint.

If the complaint is justified and the casino has done something unfair, the ideal scenario is that we resolve the complaint to your liking. In this case, the complaint will be closed and categorized as being 'resolved'.

If the complaint is justified and we are unable to resolve it, it is closed and categorized as being 'unresolved'. This happens when the casino either does not respond to us or refuses to do what we consider to be fair in that specific situation. You will not get your desired outcome but the complaint will be saved in our system, the casino will be punished with a lower rating from us and our review of the casino will warn other players of what happened. What's more, if the casino wants to improve its rating in the future, it will be forced to address the complaint, so there is a chance that your complaint will be resolved at a later date.


So, kindly wait for the complaint's closure. If the casino is not correct, there will be consequences.

4 måneder siden

We follow our Fair Gambling Codex because we are not the licensing or governing body; the legal side plays a second role here. We aim to support fairness.

Have you taken any steps to confront the casino with an interest in legal steps? Because casinos usually respond like that to players who seek to sue casinos. It is an act of defense.

Make sure to update your complaint properly, please. This is what matters.

The rest depends on the progress of the complaints. I'm not very fond of fortune-telling, so I won't start with that now.

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