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Mountberg making profit on forgein people, and gamble issue

6 måneder siden Tamera
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6 måneder siden


I'm here today because I need help.. I thing it going to be take in court as my claim here is not handle yet, and I think that language is making things worst...

So thats my story :

I'm French, and I was on casino Lucky Luke and an other (Mountberg), I deposit a lot, and lost and lot, and told them that I have gamble issue and to close my account, they did it, and confirm it.

Few days later I received a promo for a new casino : Evolve.

I create an account and deposit as a stupid girl..

I deposit, deposit, and then ask them to close my account, they told me that I was now a VIP and they gave me cashdrop (bonus cash), to make me stay.

I continue to deposit (55k...)

I ask them on october 2021 to close my account I told them that I was addicted, that I couldn't take it anymore. Same song, they offer me money bonus...

On february I ask them to close my account forever, and I lost a lot, and don't want to continue to loose, they reply that they send my request to the department..

They never closed my account and offer me a bonus that all...

On April I ask them to refund all my money and that they violate my right, abused, and make profit on my issue.

They know my problem, and never take action.

Worst they told me that if I deposit more I will have more bonus... They never limit my gamble, never block my limits, and never respect the gamble aware law...

I've contacted an expert and he told me that the casino is not supposed to operate in France, that legal action were taken againt them here.

I tried Casino Guru, but its still not treat, and I don't have hope that it will be positive.

(They are doing that to all people they are not supposed to be operate on the country)

Antillephone didn't reply since 1 month...

Does someone have data about them, or a way to help me ?

Does someone know how much a lawyer cost in Curaçao ?

Thanks a lot for your help, I really want my case to be an example for those casino making profit on us..

Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your issues with gambling. Let me start from the end: Antillephone has a bad reputation as a licensing authority. They usually don't communicate with players or it takes months.

The case you described above - we as CasinoGuru see a big difference between a case when player asks a casino to close their account, but since the casino is a business, they obviously don't want to lose the customer so they offer them some treats and bonuses. On the other hand, whenever a player mentions gambling issues, the account should be closed permanently without further delay.

So I suppose they should have closed your account once you mentioned your gambling issues.

6 måneder siden


Thanks for your reply !

They know about my gambling issue way before, cause Lucky Luke and stakes, are their casinos (Mountberg is the casino company name). My accounts was closed for this reasons, and they are the one to send me promotion about Evolve. I told Evolve several times to closed and they know I have issue again when I told them of chat to close to make me stop deposit. Even when they closed and send the notice they continue to send me promo and texts message for others Mountberg casino.... So no they exploited my issue, and Im not the only one. (french forum soscasino is a proof), they do that to all french players with addiction because all claim we will make will be closed by antillephone.

Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hello Tamera.

Could you please confirm that you have already submitted a complaint through our complaint resolution centre? And if yes could you please post a link on it.


Matej 6 måneder siden
6 måneder siden

Hi, This is this one

6 måneder siden


I want to sue the casino on court, does someone know how much a lawyer in Curaçao cost ?


Tamera 6 måneder siden


I think you should send a few inquiries to the lawyers first, to get some idea about their consultancy fees and associated costs.

Redigeret af forfatter 6 måneder siden
Tamera 6 måneder siden

I would definitely try first to contact their licensing authority - Antillephone. You can resolve the complaint with their help and without spending money on a lawyer. If the casino does not reply to the complaint, I am sure that you will get advice from our team to contact the casino's regulator - Antillephone. You have a very solid chance with the regulator to force the casino to refund you.

Matej 6 måneder siden

I've read that Antillephone doesn't take claim seriously, and take always casino sides..

I really need help, and sadly I saw that the people behind the casino are on panama pappers, which mean money laundering ...

Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hello Tamera,

I'd try Antillephone anyway. Your situation is more complex and severe than let's say ordinary complaints, hence I'd give it a try as a first step - costs free.

6 måneder siden


I don't think that casino guru wants to help. I provide proof, emails, screenshot and for your agent the fact that the casino finally closed my account months demands its good, and doesn't require to have refund of money I've deposit.

Also I state that I was exclude from their others casino for gamble issue, and that they continue (just like that) to send me promo, texts, emails to play again.. She said its not forbidden, except that the licence on all casino are all under the same name of Mountberg.

I saw others case here, and you were able to accept the claim.. For me its been week and my case is not even accepted..

I've read a lot of people are in the same case of me, and been treat like me, they used us and our addiction to make money. Just check forums, check reviews and claims here and on others website.

Its commun to them to do that.. and its a shame that company continue to support and promote them.

I already send emails to an attorney specialised on casino in Curaçao, if people are in the same case of me, with Evolve or others casino of Mountberg company contact me.

6 måneder siden

I just saw a new post about them, someone in same case of me :

Casino don't reply to case with people winning issue :

No reply to wins not paid to a winner :

Problems of people wanting their account closed :

Problems of people who ask to have their account closed :

Addicted experience of this casino issue :

List of french players having problems with this casino :

Same complain case :

And if you extand research on others casino of Mountberg the list is so big...

This company is not serious at all, and even quote online to be a company of money laundering.

Redigeret af forfatter 6 måneder siden
Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hi, I went through your complaint briefly. I noticed the part when you asked the casino to close your account for a gambling issue, which they did. You also say that a sister casino offered you a bonus at the same moment and made you deposit the money. Honestly, I strongly doubt the sister casino was aware of your account closure in the other casino.

Casinos generally try to reactivate players or invite new players no matter what they did in another (sister) casino.

Daniel 6 måneder siden


Thanks for your reply.

I ask for that in July when they refused to gave bonus (I even complain to the licence gaming)file october 2021, january 2022, february.... They only accept to close my account in the end of April when they refused to pay my wins on slot after a technical issue.

They know what they are doing because when I closed on Lucky Luke and Banzai they contacted me on my phone and by mail to make me deposit on Evolve, and they did the same now. When they closed my account on Evolve they contacted me by texts and email for Cabarino Casino...

I think its my right to ask money back for the last demand I've made on February (0 withdrawal all the time).

But as they didn't reply, Antillephone too I'm ready to go to court with LMS Advocaten for the entire deposit + compensation.

As you can see online I'm not alone on this case and this casino don't care about people and make profit of addiction...

Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hello Tamera,

I agree with what has been stated in your complaint:

"Please understand that this gambling establishment operates under Curaçao License and there is no such thing as a sister casino when it comes to self-exclusion. If you inform one casino about your problem, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will be protected somewhere else."

But it does not ultimately mean that gambling industry standards are good as they are now.

I can understand that regular promo announcements and special offers could be like poison for anybody with a gambling addiction.

If you manage to get this to the court, share your progress. I'm interested to know how you are faring with this case.

Radka 6 måneder siden

Hi Radka

But what it weird it that they contact me for new casino everytime when I close one account, so they know what they are doing.

For example when Evolve was closed I received the next day email and texts for their other casino...

I will share here all details if you want.

At this stage I can say (after 5 weeks) :

The casino didn't reply to my demand

The Operator didn't reply

The licence operator didn't reply

I took a lawyer last week and I've send him all emails, and everything I find out about the owner..

Tamera 6 måneder siden

Hi Tamera,

At this moment I think we can only speculate whether this group is acting this way on purpose. That's why I'm so interested to keep track of your progress with the lawyer. Because I can imagine that promos are held by a separate company so if your account is closed it could take some time to update the list of players. It can be the same for each "sister" casino as well.

Anyway, as Daniel mentioned Antillephone is not very active when it comes to complaints so it's not a big surprise you are probably being ignored.

Radka 6 måneder siden


I have proof that this is what this casino make everytime because it happen to me several times : I close an account, and next day a new casino from them pop up on my phone + mails...

Thanks to someone I had access to my other email account , and I find my email to Antillephone send on july to ask them to close my account, and it was ignored.

The attorney is working on the case and I've send him a lot of proof and he's working on it, and I deposit an european complaint too.

He's confident about it

Tamera 6 måneder siden

So let us see.

Good luck with all of that. 👍

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